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Conference Tables

Make every meeting a success with Kisch’s professional and stylish conference tables. Our range is carefully curated to meet the needs of every meeting space, from small team discussions to large board meetings. At Kisch, you’ll find the perfect conference table that not only serves its function but also contributes to an inspiring and productive meeting environment.

Meet Round
Bari Round
Bari Duo
Bari Duo Round
Milano Meeting HS

Choosing the Right Conference Table 

Selecting the right conference table is crucial for creating an effective and enjoyable work environment. A conference table is more than just a gathering place; it is a focal point where teamwork and professionalism come together. Our conference tables are designed not only to meet the functional needs of meetings but also to foster creativity and well-being within the team.

Benefits of Kisch Conference Tables

Durability and Quality

Our conference tables are made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to daily use. This makes them a sustainable choice for any office.

Aesthetic Versatility

At Kisch, you’ll find conference tables in various styles, from classic to modern, seamlessly aligning with the unique atmosphere of your office. Each table is designed with attention to detail and aesthetics.

Comfort and Functionality

Our conference tables are not only a feast for the eyes but also offer comfort and functionality. They are designed to increase meeting efficiency and enhance communication within teams.

Discover the Ideal Conference Table for Your Office

Opt for a Kisch conference table and transform your meeting space into a source of inspiration and productivity. Explore our range and find the perfect conference table that aligns with the style and needs of your office. With our expertise and quality products, you are assured of a conference table that meets all your expectations, both functionally and aesthetically.

Milano High Speed
Milano IC
Round Single
Milano hoek HS
Square single IC
Square Single HS
Vicino Solo IC
Vicino Solo HS
Milano Duo IC
Milano Duo High Speed
Round duo
Bari Duo Round
Square Duo IC
Square Duo HS
Vicino Duo IC
Vicino Duo HS
Vicino Quattro IC
Vicino Quattro HS
Meet Round
Bari Round
Bari Duo
Bari Duo Round
Milano Meeting HS
Cable Duct Office by Kisch Zwart
Filex Cable Duct White
Rolling Block
CPU Holder White
CPU holder Black
Cable basket
Cable Duct Office by Kisch Wit
Filex cable duct Black
Filex Power Desk Up
Filex QI Power Spot
Filex Power Spot
Filex Cable Grip
Filex Coupling cable
Filex Plug Block
Flex Splitter
Floor panel
Standard: Lindberg Oak
Standard: Acacia
Standard: Robson Oak
Standard: Gray
Standard Wit
Standard: Shadow Black
Black T011
White Marble
Anthracite T012
Light gray T013
Hacienda Black T541
White Beech
Pastel Gray T0074
Oak Dark R4272
Logan Oak
Dark Marble
Concrete Oxide

Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products




The Deskpanel DPG1K is an intuitive manual control with the basic functionality of raising and lowering the desk.
The DPG is activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction the desk is supposed to move – making it an intuitive operation. The shape of the DPG makes it possible to easily adjust the desk without even looking at the desk. This way it is not necessary for the user to distract from the work while changing the height.

​The DPG1K is small and simple, has a modern design and fits on all kinds of desk designs.




  • Pijl omhoog en omlaag
  • Digitale centimeter aanduiding
  • 3 voorkeuze standen
  • Bedieningspaneel wordt onder het blad geschroefd met een haakse beugel
  • Leverbare kleuren: zwart RAL9007, wit RAL9016