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Duo Desks

Create a dynamic and collaborative workspace with Kisch’s duo desks. Our collection of duo desks is specially designed to promote collaboration and productivity in any office environment. Whether you’re looking for a traditional duo desk, a sit-stand duo desk, or an adjustable duo desk, at Kisch, you’ll find the perfect solution that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements.

The Importance of a Good Duo Desk

A duo desk is more than just a workstation for two people; it is a center for collaboration and efficiency. These desks are designed to comfortably accommodate two users, providing each workspace with enough space and privacy. With a duo desk in your office, you create an environment that supports both individual focus and team interaction.

Benefits of a Sit-Stand Duo Desk

A sit-stand duo desk brings the benefits of adjustable work height to a shared workspace. These desks are ideal for promoting a healthy working posture and reducing the physical discomfort associated with prolonged sitting. By having the option to switch between sitting and standing, you encourage a more active and productive workday.

Opt for Double Adjustable Desks

A double adjustable desk offers the ultimate flexibility in a shared workspace. These desks come equipped with adjustable features that allow you to customize the work height to the individual needs of each user. This ensures a comfortable and ergonomic workspace, regardless of the user’s task or preference.

Discover the perfect duo workplace at Kisch.

At Kisch, we understand that every workspace is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of duo desks, from compact models for smaller offices to spacious setups for larger workspaces. Each duo desk in our collection is carefully selected based on quality, functionality, and design, ensuring you make an investment that adds value to your workspace both today and in the future.

Whether you are setting up a new office or looking to upgrade your existing workspace, at Kisch, you will find the duo desk that meets all your requirements. Our expert team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect duo workplace. Visit us today and discover how our duo desks can enhance efficiency and collaboration within your team.


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products




The Deskpanel DPG1K is an intuitive manual control with the basic functionality of raising and lowering the desk.
The DPG is activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction the desk is supposed to move – making it an intuitive operation. The shape of the DPG makes it possible to easily adjust the desk without even looking at the desk. This way it is not necessary for the user to distract from the work while changing the height.

​The DPG1K is small and simple, has a modern design and fits on all kinds of desk designs.




  • Pijl omhoog en omlaag
  • Digitale centimeter aanduiding
  • 3 voorkeuze standen
  • Bedieningspaneel wordt onder het blad geschroefd met een haakse beugel
  • Leverbare kleuren: zwart RAL9007, wit RAL9016