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Control Desk

In today’s office environment, efficient and ergonomic control desk operation is essential for productivity and comfort. At Kisch, we understand the importance of a well-organized and user-friendly workspace. Therefore, we offer a range of solutions for control desk operation that not only enhance the functionality of your workspace but also contribute to a healthy and productive working environment.

Buying the right control desk

Selecting the right control desk is crucial for creating an effective workspace. Whether it’s traditional desks or modern adjustable workstations, the right control elements can have a significant impact on your daily work comfort and efficiency.

Benefits of effective control desk operation

Ergonomic comfort

A well-designed control desk contributes to creating an ergonomic workspace, essential for reducing physical strain and preventing work-related complaints.

Increased productivity

Efficient control desk operation ensures an organized workspace, leading to fewer distractions and higher productivity. A well-organized desk helps you focus on what truly matters.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Modern office management provides the flexibility to customize your workspace according to your personal preferences and needs. This is particularly important in a time when flexible working is becoming increasingly common.

Discover the ideal office management for your workspace.

Choose Kisch’s office management solutions and experience how a well-organized and ergonomically designed workspace can transform your daily tasks. Explore our range and find the perfect solutions that align with your specific work needs and style. With our expertise and high-quality products, you can be assured of a workspace that is both functional and comfortable.


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products




The Deskpanel DPG1K is an intuitive manual control with the basic functionality of raising and lowering the desk.
The DPG is activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction the desk is supposed to move – making it an intuitive operation. The shape of the DPG makes it possible to easily adjust the desk without even looking at the desk. This way it is not necessary for the user to distract from the work while changing the height.

​The DPG1K is small and simple, has a modern design and fits on all kinds of desk designs.




  • Pijl omhoog en omlaag
  • Digitale centimeter aanduiding
  • 3 voorkeuze standen
  • Bedieningspaneel wordt onder het blad geschroefd met een haakse beugel
  • Leverbare kleuren: zwart RAL9007, wit RAL9016