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Terms & Conditions

Dukdalfweg 27, 1041 BC, Amsterdam

1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into by us in which we act as seller, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. The applicability of other general purchasing conditions of the buyer is hereby expressly excluded.
2. All our prices are exclusive of sales tax. Packaging will be added. If we do not receive instructions from the buyer, the method of shipment will be determined by us. No liability is accepted for damage during transport.
3. Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date, without discount, at our offices or at a payment address to be designated by us. However, we reserve the right at all times to only deliver cash on delivery or, in certain cases, to require payment before dispatch of the goods. If the customer does not pay within the agreed term, we have the right, without further notice of default or judicial intervention being required, to declare the purchase canceled and to demand an interest compensation of 1% per month on the unpaid amount, from the due date until the day of payment, without prejudice to all our further rights arising from breach of contract. The Customer can never rely on any debt settlement (compensation) and will therefore not be able to rely on any counterclaim, whether alleged or otherwise.
4. Judicial and extrajudicial collection costs will be borne by the buyer. The Customer owes extrajudicial collection costs 15% of the overdue amount, with a minimum of € 200.00.
5. We reserve ownership of all delivered goods until all our claims against the buyer, for whatever reason, including payment of interest and costs, have been paid in full. In this context, we have access at all times to the goods belonging to us in order to inspect or take them back, whereby the buyer is obliged to indicate the place of storage to us upon first notice and to enable us to take them back, unless full payment will still be made. The buyer is obliged to store the goods delivered under retention of title with due care and as recognizable property of us.
6. All quotations are without obligation and all images and information regarding dimensions, weights and colors, etc. are only approximate and subject to all reservations on our part.
7. Complaints about any incorrect execution of orders, as well as regarding the quality of the delivered goods, must be made in writing within eight days of receipt of the goods. If the delivered goods show material and/or manufacturing defects, we will, at our discretion, provide free replacement or credit. We are not obliged to any further obligation or compensation.
8. All delivery times are without obligation.
9. In the event of force majeure, the agreement will be temporarily suspended during that force majeure. We will be able to invoke force majeure, among other things, if we are unable to meet our obligations as a result of strike, lockout, fire, traffic restrictions, lack of raw materials, materials or labor, mobilization, war, import and/or export restrictions, government measures or other hindering circumstances beyond our control, even if the circumstances mentioned could have been considered foreseeable at the time of the agreement to be concluded.
10. All orders are accepted by us on the condition that the prices and/or general terms and conditions of sale may be changed by us at any time. Any unexecuted order or part thereof will be executed at the changed prices and/or rebates and/or general terms and conditions of sale, subject to the buyer’s right to cancel orders or parts thereof that have not yet been executed in the event of such changes within eight days of the date of notification of the changes. to cancel in writing to the buyer. Any costs already incurred must then be reimbursed by the buyer.
11. With regard to the transaction concluded with us, the buyer irrevocably chooses domicile at our office in Amsterdam, with the provision that, at our option, the judges of the buyer’s place of residence or that of Amsterdam will also have jurisdiction over all disputes arising from the agreement in question. to take cognizance of the resulting dispute, unless the parties would both decide on arbitration in mutual consultation.
12. Unless otherwise agreed, freight and handling costs amount to €17.50 up to an amount of €50.00.
13. Unless otherwise agreed, the freight costs are between €50.00 and €250.00, an amount of €13.75
14. Unless otherwise agreed, the bundling costs for long lengths, this concerns lengths from 2000mm, amount to €33.75
15. Unless otherwise agreed, shipments, with the exception of long lengths, with an invoice value above €250.00 will be delivered free of charge.


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products


Contact our specialists at Kisch or visit our store to experience our products




The Deskpanel DPG1K is an intuitive manual control with the basic functionality of raising and lowering the desk.
The DPG is activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction the desk is supposed to move – making it an intuitive operation. The shape of the DPG makes it possible to easily adjust the desk without even looking at the desk. This way it is not necessary for the user to distract from the work while changing the height.

​The DPG1K is small and simple, has a modern design and fits on all kinds of desk designs.




  • Pijl omhoog en omlaag
  • Digitale centimeter aanduiding
  • 3 voorkeuze standen
  • Bedieningspaneel wordt onder het blad geschroefd met een haakse beugel
  • Leverbare kleuren: zwart RAL9007, wit RAL9016